14 July 2000

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Most rocketeers will be aware of the serious hammering the New Zealand dollar has taken against the $US over past months and the detrimental affect this has had on the price of rocketry products, most of which are of course imported from the USA. The serious devaluation of the $NZ coupled with ongoing US manufacturers' price increases, means that most kits and motors have suffered significant price increases. The good news, however, is that the price of some pre-devaluation advanced and high power kits (such as the Tempest, Sudden Rush and Amraam 4) is looking very good, and some model rocket retailers still have model rockets at the old prices. Try Airsail Industries (Penrose, Auckland), Mr Models (Palmerston North) or Steve's Models (Papakura), or use the full retailer list to phone around for bargains.

Public Missiles High Power Rocketry

These following new kits are in stock and can be ordered right away: All prices include GST.
Thunder and Lightning : an altitude smoking 64mm diameter bird from the Quantum Leap nest which can be flown in one or two stages with a 38mm motor, and comes with the new quantum tube. Designed for close proximity recovery, for which an altimeter is required, the rocket stands 2.3 metres tall and costs: $450.
Black Brandt X : the largest 98mm bird in the PML arsenal, this huge rocket stands 2.5 metres tall and is a scale model of the sustainer stage of Canada's Black Brandt 10 sounding rocket. The rocket has a quick switch motor mount, a large payload section and flies on H through J motors. Cost $495.
Quantum Leap : a multi-stage bird, 75mm in diameter and just over 2.6 metres tall in two stages, this rocket has a Kwik-Switch motor mount and four basic components which can be combined to make any of five different rockets. Electronics are required for staging. Cost: $430.
X-Calibur : Previously the Phantom, this 6-finned bird comes with a 38mm motor mount but can easily fly F and G motors with a 29mm adaptor. The rocket is 64mm diameter, stands 1.1 metres tall and costs $155.
Quantum Tubes : Quantum tube is the latest body tube material from PML. It is a durable, easy to use specially blended polymer material moulded in medium gray and with a glass smooth finish (yep no spiral grooves to fill!). These tubes can be squeezed, dropped, or even thrown and will not suffer the damage than can sometimes occur with phenolic tubes. Sizes available now: 64mm $36, 75mm $45, 98mm $57.
Other PML favourites also in stock include the Tempest (designed for hybrid motors), Cirrus, Amraam2 , Amraam 3, Amraam 4, Sudden Rush and Bull Puppy.
Click here for a full list of products in stock.
CPR 3000 Complete 75mm System : CPR is an altimeter based, two step parachute deployment modular system incorporated into some PML high altitude rocket kits. Using an altimeter, a small drogue chute is deployed at apogee allowing for a fast decent. At a user-selectable altitude, the altimeter fires a second charge, deploying the main chute allowing for a soft landing. The altimeter is centrally located in a special compartment within the main airframe. The drogue chute is ejected from a split-point in the airframe just above the fin/motor section while the main is ejected at the nose cone. Both chutes are deployed using PML's exclusive Piston Ejection System.
The CPR 3000 system is specially designed for the P6 altimeter, and comprises a multitude of parts including a complete altimeter bay assembly, threaded aluminium airframe coupler assembly, altimeter mounting hardware, two complete ejection systems with caps, charge holders and cannisters, dual piston systems, drogue chute or streamer, external safety switch with wires and illustrated assembly manual.
Complete CPR kit: $255.

Aerotech High Power Motors

Two new Blue Thunder motors are now available: the I300T and H220T. The 300T is a 38mm motor for which the 38/480 case (and forward sealing ring) is required, while the 220T is a 29mm motor which fits the 29/240 case. Note the 220T reload kit requires the 29FSD forward seal disc.
I300T - $127 H220T - $82

Aerotech Advanced Rocketry

The heavy duty Mantis launch pad is now back in stock together with single use and RMS Initiator Starter packs in the new packaging. These advanced rocketry starter kits are good value as they comprise the Initiator rocket kit, a Mantis launch pad, Interlock heavy duty launch controller, two reload kits and a 29mmm reloadable motor, all for $455 in the RMS configuration, or $375 for the single use motor kit. The Mantis kit on its own costs $170, and can take rod sizes from 3mm up to 6.5mm.

Adept and Transolve Electronics

Joining the Adept ALTS1 and ALTS2-50K altimeters now in stock is the latest Transolve altimeter - the P6 - one of the best altimeters available for high-power rocketry applications. The altimeter measures 10 x 3.5 x 3 cms, fits inside a 38mm tube, and is powered by a 9v alkaline battery which gives 30 hours continuous power. The unit measures altitude up to 7,600 metres and the user can select second (main chute) deployment at either 123 or 246 metres. (Note your igniter must have a resistance of 9 ohms or less to fire with an alkaline battery used with this unit). Cost: $275.

Quest Model Rockets

These products yet to be seen in New Zealand will shortly be available to all rocketry enthusiasts:
Micro Max Sets Model rocketry in miniature, these Quest ready to fly micro rockets can be held in the palm of your hand and launched from your back yard. Powered by micromax motors and launched from a plastic missile silo, the models require a launch area diameter of only 15 metres and fly to altitudes of around 60 metres. Launch Silo flaps peel back to allow your rocket to slide down a launch rod onto a plug-in electric QMX igniter which is powered by an electric launch controller. The dual MICRO MAX Rocket Sets include two assembled Micro Model Rockets (eg Space Shuttle, Saturn V, Tomahawk, SR 71 Blackbird), Silo Launch Pad with Launch Controller, 4 micro motors, plug-in QMX igniters and 2 collector stands. Sets will also be available without micro motors. Arriving August 2000.

Recoil Starter Kit. A ready to fly 25mm rocket starter kit from Quest with the new 9v audible beep launch controller. 0.4 metres long and flying on A, B and C motors, the kit reaches altitudes of 300 metres and costs:$95. All starter kits includes rocket kit, launch pad, launch controller, wadding and three solid motors.


In addition to the Alien Invasion programme which was first launched in January this year, Aerospace now has two new programmes available to schools and other educators - October Sky and Aqua-Roc . The former is based on the experiences of the characters in the movie October Sky (now out in video outlets), and sees pupils investigating varying types of solid propellants, while building a scale model of the Miss Riley rocket featured in the film. Aqua-Roc has students building their own rocket from a plan using PET bottles and launching them using an automatic high pressure system, while observing flight behaviour when varying the amount of air and water used in each flight. Both programmes will be available "out of school" to interested pupils in Auckland, during the September school holidays. Phone Sports and Leisure Learning on (09) 623 1212 to enrol.


The Toy Chest at 24 Horomatangi St in Taupo now stocks model rockets. Contact Steve Hanson on (06) 377 3385. Click here to view a full list of model rocketry retailers.