Example Two Week Course Outline
Aerospace Vocabulary List
Parts of a Model Rocket (parts identified)
Parts of a Model Rocket (parts left blank)
Model Rocket Construction Hints
Model Rocket Engine Functions
Model Rocket Thrust/Time Curve
Aerodynamic Forces
The Laws of Motion
Making a Balloon-Powered Rocket Car
Launch Controller Circuit- Diagram and Exercise
Model Rocketry Safety Code
Altitude Tracking Trigonometry Exercise
Making a Simple Clinometer
Two Clinometer Altitude Tracking-Formula and Example
Two Theodolite Altitude Tracking-Formula and Example
Rocket Plot Graphing Exercise-Basic
Rocket Plot Graphing Exercise-Advanced
Data Collection Sheet-Motor,Launch Angle,Recovery Device,Altitude
Data Collection Sheet-Baseline,Angular Distance, Altitude, Average Speed
Blank Graphing Sheet-Altitude and Flight Duration
Blank Graphing Sheet-Velocity Ascending and Descending
Rocketry Pioneers
Calculating Gravitational Attraction
Catalogue and Price List

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